Hiring a Web Developer ? What you should keep in mind!

If you are reading this it is because you know that your company’s website is something fundamental, a basic pillar in the structure of your business. And that to give a professional image to your clients you need a professional result. But now you ask yourself: What should I keep in mind when hiring a web developer?

It is normal that when buying a good of a certain value, such as a car, you look at certain characteristics: price, equipment, power, consumption … Well, when hiring a professional the procedure is the same: There are certain characteristics that we must take into account. The secret is only to know what those characteristics are that we should look at.

Hire web developer

In my experience, the first two things that a client asks when thinking about hire web developers are price and term.

hiring a web developer

It is something as I usually say because many people have the perception that “you have to have a web page” as if it were a process to follow in the way of your business. As a step to take, the cheaper and faster it is made, the better.

Obviously, when someone thinks like that it is because they really do not know what value a website brings to your company. And therein lies the question: a website is not a procedure, something that you simply have to have as if it were a municipal license or something. No, a website is a fundamental piece that must act in synergy with the rest of the structure of your business.

What people usually ask when hiring a web developer

And so, having things clear, we can (now) see more clearly that the web developer that we must hire has to be the one that brings more value to my project. Which does not necessarily have to match the cheapest or the fastest?

But, since these are the aspects that are most commonly taken into account, let’s start with them if you think so.

The price

If you have looked at budgets, even a little above, you will have seen the great price disparity that exists in the market today. The reason is what it usually is in these cases: intrusion.

I will not give you the stick with the problems of the sector (you will already have other problems in your business) but you should keep in mind that someone who charges little is usually because it is not professional (their income comes from another site and for him you web is nothing more than “an extra”) and/or has no experience.

In any case, taking into account what it costs to make a website (a good website) compared to the rest of your business requirements, the price is not something you should take into account since, unless you need something very Very special, the final price will be low in proportion. I repeat: think in terms of value, not cost.

Delivery time

This is the other major concern of any “first-time” customer when hiring a web developer: How long will my website be ready? It is not a bad thing in itself: it is good to know deadlines. What is bad is to want “the process” to be completed in a few days, a week at most, as I have heard.

Seriously? Do you really want that the image of your company in front of a possible client who visits your website for the first time is a bungling job done in a hurry in a few days, a week at most?

I understand that nobody wants to wait several months to see the result of their website (run away from someone who gives you such a term, you are not devoting the attention you deserve!) But we must not be anxious: a job well done can not be done with hurry up

What you really should ask when hiring a web developer

And if we start to screen for aspects that will really be important when leaving our company in the hands of a professional? Well, let’s see it.

laptop screen graphics with yellow and red rectangle inside


Would you instruct a tiler pawn in his first week of work to change your kitchen tiles or living room floor? Hahaha, I seem to be seeing your face right now. No way! , that expression seems to say.

So why leave your company’s website in the hands of someone whose only experience is to drag a couple of modules to the sidebar of your blog? Do you give so little importance to your image? (question to think).

And, related to this, does it just mean yes to what you ask, charge, and you will already manage? Or, on the contrary, is someone with the capacity to propose you better alternatives (which you may not know) based on years of experience?


Find a web developer who knows how to carry out quality work, not something that just looks pretty.

There are already programs, and even companies that advertise on television, that make beautiful websites or allow you to make them in a few minutes. But in the back room, they are authentic fudges: heavy, slow, inefficient and full of gross errors in terms of usability, SEO (search engine optimization), and many aspects that are very important but that are not perceived with the naked eye.

Do not be dazzled by a beautiful slider of images or menus with amazing effects (which are a nightmare for users of mobile devices). Do you want a beautiful website that is all facade, or do you want a professional and efficient website that, on the other hand, can also be beautiful? Because the one is not at odds with the other … ?


Today there are some requirements without which a website can be considered, directly, a fudge:

cartoonize woman typing with software application bubbles

Is it optimized for mobile?

Already more than half of web traffic (more than half!) Is produced from mobile devices. If your developer does not make you a mobile-optimized website, you will be losing more than half of your potential customers. Almost nothing.

Is it SEO-friendly?

Or, what is the same: is it optimized for search engines? If Google doesn’t like you, people won’t find you. The times have passed when a web developer could afford to have no idea of ​​SEO ( Search Engine Optimizationsearch engine optimization ).

Nowadays SEO is something that must be taken into account from the very conception of the web. Contents? Yes, of course: but about an efficient structure.

Is it scalable?

If your needs change or increase, can the web easily adapt to these changes? Or, on the contrary, will we have to start over with everything that implies?

Is it self-manageable?

You don’t want to depend on anyone forever. At least not for any minimal change you want to make, right? Your developer must be able to deliver a website that you (or someone on your team) is able to manage. And also teach you how to do it, even at a basic level.

Will it support you?

Something primordial. Runaway from any developer who washes their hands once the web is delivered. If it does not offer support, at least during the first weeks, it is not the professional you are looking for.


As you see, not everything is price and speed. What good is a cheap and fast website if it is not going to look good from a mobile or a tablet? Or if nobody is going to be able to find you on Google? Or if you are not going to be able to change even one text without having to call the developer each time (with its corresponding invoice, of course)?

Be demanding with the important things for your project.