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Hire Web Developers

Many times, companies, usually small and medium, require a programmer that covers their new technological needs, which range from a web page to a shopping cart or a more elaborate platform.

But how to hire web developers who will meet my needs?

First of all, you, as a company, must analyze what you need, a presentation page so that potential customers know your business?

A shopping cart to be able to sell my products online ?, a page in which allows me to upload content (blog type)? … Once you have defined your need, it is time to find an expert to solve the need you detected.

What should I take into account to contract?

I have heard cases of companies that pay “a lot of money for a working piglet.” In their search for quality work, they lower their expectations and, therefore, the budget, so they expect a better job than before but a much smaller budget, go logical! 

So I have done a few short steps to consider before hiring someone to develop for you, so take note!

Schedule an appointment

Your first important step is to schedule an appointment with the possible programmers who can develop your site or web platform. 

You must consider several options and listen to what each of them has to offer you, remember that it’s NOT ALWAYS the cheapest thing to do. 

The best choice is to ask him all the questions that you have, ask him if a Wix or a platform developed from scratch suits you more. 

Ask the developer why that option suits him more and to make sure to get an alternative option. Check what would be the disadvantages or expenses, as well as not forget to ask any questions that may arise about the development, since it is the best time to solve it.

Ask if the developer is open to working with other options or if it closes only to a proposal, etc.. 

Still, if you are noticing that the programmer gets upset with so many questions, it can be a warning sign of why he is not the best option for hiring. Since he is an expert, and as such, he is there to solve your doubts. 

Take note of all the points touched in this step, from quotation, services offered, answers to the questions raised, etc.

Evaluate your options

This step is the most important (and long) since this is where you decide how you are going to invest your money to grow your business. For this, I will make you a small guide that you can take into account to make your choice.

First, we will analyze the most famous “fast” web development platforms:

A simple website and blog type

Shopping cart

Extra commissions

Each online sales platform, no matter if it is developed from scratch or by hiring a service like those mentioned above, has a paid commission. 

This commission does not go to the developer or the company that offers the e-commerce service. 

Still, for the payment gateway, that is, for those who will be responsible for making the data of your customers safe and the money corresponding to the sale reaches your bank account. 

These commissions are generally between 1.5% and 3.5% on the value of the transaction. 

In case of hiring a service like Wix or Shopify, your developer must investigate and inform you what is the commission charged by the payment gateway. 

In case If you decide on development from scratch, then ask your programmer for the best payment gateway option.

Also, it is essential to know if the platform you hire web developers (in case of opting for contracting and not tailored development) charges an extra commission per transaction. 

For example, in the case of Wix and SquareSpace, they do not charge any extra commission (only for the gateway). In the case of Shopify, an additional percentage is usually implemented to the company (extras to the gateway).

The math behind your choice

Well, once you have investigated the monthly and annual prices of the platforms you know (in case you do not know how to consult option by option or require some help, it will be beneficial to hire web developers and advisors), it is time to see in the future.

Suppose your plan as a company is to have a presentation web page where you can only upload photos of your products and a small description of your business. 

You have two development proposals, the first one costs 10,000 pesos (or less), and they tell you that they have it ready in one month, the other option costs $2,000 and is prepared in two months.

In addition to the above costs, it is necessary to check if these platforms offer free domain and hosting service or if there is an extra cost for such services & security certificates.

Once we compare the costs of each type of development, call into question other factors, such as the benefits and disadvantages of each option according to your present and future needs, for example, you have to ask yourself questions like these: 

  • Do I need my web page, in the future, to become e-commerce? 
  • Do I want my page to adapt to different mobile devices? 
  • Do I want to convert or link to a mobile application in a few years?

And any questions that can help you visualize your future website.

Since we visualize your website in the future, it is time to make a list of how each option will help you to achieve your future goals. 

For example, if my plan as a company is to have a presentation page for life, it will never become a shopping cart. 

I also want to be constantly changing the design, and probably my best option is to hire a service like Wix.

However, if I plan to make my platform scalable in the future and not only become e-commerce but also be available as a Progressive Web App or as a mobile app, it is best to hire web developers to do custom development.

It may be that for this point of evaluating your options, you may not be sure if one of the developers you have as a candidate can offer you what you need. If so, the idea is that you schedule a second meeting so that you solve your doubts and you can make the best decision to invest your money.

Select an option

Well, now that we have a broader picture of what we need and our options, it’s time to do the hiring, but what should I take into account?

domain, host, and account

It is crucial to ask that the accounts created for you with 3rd party providers are registered with your accounts and your data. 

So in case, you have not as Satisfied with the work of the person or people you hired when looking for other options. 

The new people hired have access to the work they already did and can improve it or from there, but you will wonder if they are the experts.


Check that your developer specifies through a contract, the clauses under which it will work. 

  • What includes the service provided? 
  • Which does not include, payment method, delivery dates, 
  • etc

Whenever there is money involved, be sure to handle a document that supports you as a company in case the programmer fits you poorly or so that the developer backs up in case that you ask for something that has not been in the agreements.


Remember that not always the cheapest or the fastest is the best and ultimately the way to go.

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