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Our Core Team

People + Passion + Participation = Productivity

Since we give our employees, a chance to live their dream, we seek people with striking innovative ideas, Passionate to work hard and leadership qualities to meet challenges and build healthier relationships in their environment.

As one of the fastest growing company, We believe that our employees are our greatest assets and as a result, we offer them the best environment to work that would help them to deliver more productive work. Currently 60+ employees are working with us and we never thought they are external part from the management - Our strategy plans are very transparent to our employees and every employee of us knows whats going on with the management. Even we clearly agrees that these 60+ employees are our strength for success.

We have a team of talented professionals with excellent track record from Premier institutions. Our engineers are well trained in the areas of web design, development, quality engineering, and maintenance. we also employs professional graphic designers to perform web and user interface design. The excellence of our service is the motivation and commitment of our people.