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Q. What are the Payment Method supported ?
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer to our Indian Bank Account.
  • Others...(We are flexible to accept any other method too)
Q. Experience of your engineer/designer ?
  • Our web developers have an average experience of 3+ years.
  • Having 4 year college degree in computer science or 3 Years Masters Degree as educational background.
  • In-depth experience in Component development - Our basic skill set speaks here very well.
  • Software Development Life Cycle Experience
  • Extensive exposure to PHP 4.0, 5.0, MySQL, Ajax, etc.,
  • Payment Gateway Integrations.
  • Has created at least 15 websites/3 web portals.
Q. Do I own the copyrights of the work ?
  • Yes, You pay for it and you are the owner.
Q. What is the reporting System/Process followed ?
  • Our engineers will send daily status report of the Everyday.
  • We will send Weekly report.
  • The task/Milestone status will be updated on the Project Management Tool.
  • Engineer will be available on IM to know the status of the Project.
  • We are flexiable to adapt to required reporting system as per client's need.
Q. Work timing/hours/timezone.
  • We will be working 9 hours a day, totally 45 hours a week.
  • We are ready to work in your timezone.
  • We will be available to work on Saturday & Sunday only on Urgent or Emergency need basis.
Q. Any trial period is there ?
You can try our service for one or two week and then It can be terminated If you are not satisfied.
But this happens very rare.
Q. If I am not satisfied with assigned developer ?
This really does not happen with us, Yes we are very confident. Our Customer Satisfaction ratio is more than 98%.
If it happens, You can teriminate the contract easily.
Q. If your developer falls sick or quits your organization ?
We will assign one backup resources for all your project ASAP.
Q. Can I hire more than one person or a Team ?
Yes, You can.
Q. Total head count of your Company ?
70 Developers + Designers and Supporting Staffs.
Q. Will they work for any other project other than mine ?
Certainly, NO.
Q. Communication Method ?
Q. Will you sign a NDA before starting the Work?
Q. Are there any additional/hidden cost ?
Certainly NO.
Q. Do you send daily status Update of the Work Progress ?
Yes, But we are flexiable based on your need.
Q. What Project Management Tool, Are you using ?
We use own project management Tool. It is very simple and user friendly.
It is fully free for any number of projects and any number of resources.
Q. Do you available when there is a work needs to be done Urgently ?
Yes, We will be available. Our supporting staffs will be available 24/7.
Q. Do you outsource the work to third party ?
Q. Howlong it takes to start the work ?
Less than 3 days. In worst case maximum 1 Week.
Q. Do i need to pay for Tax, Perks, Any Compoensation, Paid Vacation, Insurance, Training Cost,Any Extra ?
You do not need to pay anything extra.
Q. What is your location ?
Q. Do u have any training system ?
  • Engineers will be trained on Project Managment Tool.
  • Software Development Life Cycle Experience.
  • Advanced Training on Joomla/Drupal/CMSs/Javascript/JS Frameworks.
  • Communication Skill Training
Q. Payment/Invoices ?
All the Invoices should be paid within 3 days.
Q. Billing Cycle ?
Weekly or Bi-Weekly or Monthly billing supporting.
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